Speedix Last Colony Coming Soon

We are working very hard on the new alpha version of our game. It will bring a lot of new features. Sign up in the form below and you'll be one of the first to know when the game is ready.


A glorious space game where players fight for resources across a seamless , procedurally generated solar system !

Speedix : Last Colony is a vast mutiplayer space game allows hundreds of players to build alliances and cooporations fighting for control over the solar system filled with planets, moons, asteroid belts, and other celestial phenomenon. having a smooth tranisiton between systems and the ability to land and fight on planets will bring combat from deep space to the surface of alien worlds. your choises will affect the game play experince outcome you will be able to to destroy your enemies and their infrastructure through orbital bombardment attacks from capital ships supoorted by an array of smaller spacecraft .


The game starts on day 1 with single solar system where players can be spawned on one of the habitable planet filled with resources collecting these resources and building spaceships to explore the system is the main goal players can build stations , planetary bases , factories these facilities can be protected by programmable AI defenses (Yes you can write code to make your AI work) , players will start with a moderate amount of credits with which they can buy ships and equipment. Players can secure AI cargoships to trade and obtain resources through smaller missions to ensure the system stability , clear portal routes and destroy alien nests players can work together to share the credits or they may solo easier missions .

We want to make our game expand infinitely that's why we are providing a centralized solar control panel allowing the players to create / design new systems spawn new planets and contribute to the game with AI (Basic scripts for ai are provided but you can make your own ) players can trade any type of resource ships , factories , planets , solar systems , even AI Scripts , you will have the opportunity to build your own infrastructure build new space stations , planetary bases , factories , based on your station size you will be able to spawn small to medium spacecrafts , where larger spacestations can spawn refuel capital ships .



Your standard fast, sleek, highly maneuverable killing machine. They are primarily designed for destroying enemy light spacecraft.


Similar to interceptors, fighters are relatively fast and maneuverable however they also provide a limited ability to attack infrastructure. This ship will only be available if we reach our $500k stretch goal.


Larger and less maneuverable than fighters with limited defensive capability. A handful of bombers can cause serious damage to enemy capital ships and infrastructure.


The tanks of space combat. Corvettes come armed with independently targeting turrets allowing a 360 degree arc of fire. While they don't pack the long-range punch of a bomber, a group of them can easily take out weaker capital ships.


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Download a ultra-high-quality version of our Kickstarter trailer. More to come!

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System Requirements

The minimum and recommended system specifications for Speedix : Last Colony are below. Due to potential programming changes, the minimum system requirements for Speedix : Last Colony may change over time.

Windows : Minimum Requirements

OS : Win7 64-bit or later (DX11)
Processor : Intel® Pentium® D or AMD® Athlon™ 64 X2
Video : GeForce® 6800 or Radeon™ X1600 Pro or better
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Hard Drive : 2 GB available space

Mac : Minimum Requirements

OS : Mac® OS X 10.9.5 (latest version)
Processor : Intel® Core™ 2 Duo
Video : NVIDIA® GeForce® 8600M GT or ATI™ Radeon™ HD 2600 Pro
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard Drive : 2 GB available HD space

Android : Minimum Requirements

OS : Android 4.0 or later
Memory : 1 GB RAM
Storage : 2 GB of internal storage

iOS : Minimum Requirements

Hardware : iPad® Air™ or newer, iPad® 2 or newer, iPad® mini™ or newer, iPhone® 4s or newer, iPod Touch® 5 or newer
OS : iOS 6.0 or later