Game Menu Design Ideas & Concepts (Unity3D)

Following this guide you will be able to easily build your own menu systems in unity without any issues , So what are you waiting for lets start , First Create Concept using Photoshop , you can do a web search to find the perfect composition we are going to use the following scene as a […]

Asteroid Generator Plugin Unity3D

Asteroid Generator Plugin Unity3D We have released the asteroid generation plugin as an open-source project now you can enjoy creating dynamic asteroid fields in seconds , Features Generate Random Asteroid Fields Wide Range of Randomization Controls In Editor View [WYSIWYG] Sample Scene included You can also: Import Custom Asteroid Meshes to suit your needs Modify […]

Gaming Services Powered by Rust Beast

Our team is working hard on the development of RUST BEAST a dynamic asynchronous game server that  provides centralized API for gaming services such as user profiles , leader boards , virtual goods , social media to be used with any game engine for general game server requirements, It is currently in active development and […]

Unity Cutscene Animations

Our team is working hard to prepare lumberjack in space game trailer , we are currently using different approaches to achieve elegant in-game cut-scenes , one of the most important tools that we used to achieve easy to use easy to implement camera animation was GoKit Plugin , Gokit is a  Lightweight tween library for […]

Welcome to Dev Blog

Hi everyone ! welcome to our dev blog our team ill be sharing the latest update on our games under development along with some helpful tutorials and code snippets . To give you a heads up we are currently working on 2 main projects : In Development Games Lumberjack in space Speedix : Last Colony […]