Asteroid Generator Plugin Unity3D

Asteroid Generator Plugin Unity3D

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We have released the asteroid generation plugin as an open-source project now you can enjoy creating dynamic asteroid fields in seconds ,


  • Generate Random Asteroid Fields
  • Wide Range of Randomization Controls
  • In Editor View [WYSIWYG]
  • Sample Scene included

You can also:

  • Import Custom Asteroid Meshes to suit your needs
  • Modify the filed after generation in any way
  • The plugin comes with nice asteroid animation script

This plugin has been developed to be used in any game to generate randomize elements location / size in a predefined range , it can even be used in real time , i usually use it with generating asteroid fields for my space games .

The plugin still needs lots of updates and improvements , feel free to contribute to the code and fix bugs if you found any.



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Asteroid Generation an open source unity plugin build by awesome ppl for awesome ppl .

  • Ability to change the noise value
  • Field Range using X / Y prarm values
  • Ability to use custom meshes cars , planes , bots , etc…
  • Random Element Size set by max and min value
  • Ability to auto animate the generated element
  • Subtract Region by using custom gizmo mesh

Along other wide range of controls that you will discover using the plugin .


You can get the plugin using one of the methods below

Once done start unity and follow the instruction below ,

  • Launch Unity Engine

From the menu:

  • go Assets -> Import Package…
  • From context menu in the Project View
  • enter context menu -> Import Package…

Then, in both cases, find the standard packages:

  • Browser to the path where you cloned or downloaded the package and select it .

You can also navigate to the needed package:

  • DbClick the package from Windows Explorer or Finder, >(just make sure that you have the target project open or that it was the last opened project)


Want to contribute? Great! Just submit a pull request and ill add it to the project its that easy 😉


  • Add more generation tools
  • Make Real time API
  • Add Gravity Fields


MIT Free Software, Hell Yeah!

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